Welcome to OA

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Message for Newcomers

The primary purpose of Overeaters Anonymous is to carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer. We welcome all who suffer from problems with food, including bulimics, anorexics, restrictors and overeaters. Due to the current shelter in place order we are temporarily unable to meet in physical locations.

We realize that this can be very discouraging. However, there are many meetings taking place through Zoom, a video conferencing service. You can also simply dial into these meetings. Our home page gives excellent instructions on how to connect to these meetings.

If you have questions regarding online meetings or simply want to talk about Overeaters Anonymous please call the OA answering service at 510-923-9491 or 925-274-9491.

You may also contact: 
Bill at 510-540-0474
Martha at 510-710-5318
Judy at 510-332-5618
David at 201-390-6079
Louis at 510-846-4607

Click here for a list of online meetings.