OA Literature

A full range of OA pamphlets and books are available for purchase online here. Please check our Bay area meeting  schedule for those people’s that provide literature at cost. Pamphlets are often provided free for newcomers.

As of January 2019, the Newcomer’s Packet has been replaced with a pink brochure called Where Do I Start? They are available at the OA online bookstore for $1 each (usually given to new member for free at meetings).

OA Literature and Diversity
The OA Diversity Checklist recommends that meetings stock literature that highlights our common solution through diversity, such as:
• A Common Solution: Diversity and Recovery
• Black OA Members Share Their Experience, Strength and Hope
• Dignity of Choice
• Focus on Anorexia and Bulimia Packet
• Many Symptoms, One Solution
• OA Members Come in All Sizes
• To the Teen
• To the Man Who Wants to Stop Compulsive Overeating, Welcome
• Welcome Back, We Care! Packet
• Young Person’s Packet